*About Ann Croft*
Ann, Chance, Caper and
Ann has been training and competing in agility for twelve years, and has a degree in
Animal Behavior from the University of California in San Diego.
Ann began in agility with her Boston Terriers, Chance and Mystic. Mystic was the first
USDAA MAD Boston Terrier, and Chance the first AKC MACH, MACH2 and USDAA
ADCH. Both Bostons also completed all three NADAC Elite titles, regular, jumpers and
gamblers, and were the firsts for their breed.
Ann now competes with her two Border Collies, Caper and Trigger. Caper has earned
the USDAA ADCH and AKC MACH championship titles. Trigger has completed the AKC
MACH title, and USDAA ADCH/ Bronze at just four years of age.
Ann is no stranger to National Championship events and has competed in eight USDAA
National Championships, and at all nine of the AKC National Championships held to date.
She was a USDAA Grand Prix finalist with Chance, earning eighth place in the 18 inch
division in 1998.   And again with Trigger in 2004, placing seventh.
She has earned trips to the finals with all three of her dogs at AKC Nationals. Chance
placed eighth overall in the 12 inch division in 2000. Caper placed eighth in the 20 inch
division in 2002.  And Trigger, at  her very first nationals and barely three years of age,
placed second in the very competitive 24 inch division in 2003.   
Trigger's 2004 DAM team, Spy is Wicked on the Trigger, composed of  teammates,
Nancy Gyes with Wicked and Jim Basic with Spy,  won the 2004 USDAA DAM National
Tournament in Scottsdale, AZ..  
All three of Ann's dogs have had numerous placements at nationals, culminating most
recently with a first place win for Trigger in round 3 of AKC Nationals 2003.
Caper has qualified to compete at all AKC World Team Invitational Tournaments thus far,
and has competed at three of those. Trigger competed at the AKC World Team Try Outs
in 2004 and placed 7th and again in 2005.
Caper has won Grand Prix and Steeplechase Qualifiers over the years in California.
Trigger has won the very competitive Los Angeles Grand Prix Qualifiers three
consecutive years. In 2005 she has won three GP qualifiers.
Trigger placed third in the 2003 Western Grand Prix Regional, and second in the 2004
Qualifier in Madera, CA, and the 2005 Qualifier in Salinas, CA. She placed third in the
Northwest GPRC in 2005.
Trigger won the 26 inch division of the Steeplechase Regional held at the Bay Team trial
in San Francisco May 2004. Ann and Trigger also won both the Grand Prix Qualifier and
the Steeplechase Regional at the WVDS trial in Los Angeles, CA, in August 2004.
Trigger won the Large Dog and Relay event in the Purina Incredible Dog Challenge
Western Regional Championships in 2005 and has been invited to compete in the finals
in St. Louis in September.
For pictures click here:
Trigger at the Incredible Dog Challenge
Ann has rapidly become a popular seminar presenter in southern California from Santa
Barbara to San Diego. She has presented throughout Australia, and has future plans
to present in Vancouver, BC, and Hawaii. She offers seminars from the novice to the
expert level. One of Ann’s most popular seminars is her Foundation for Agility Seminar
where Ann shows handlers how to motivate and teach their dogs agility skills  through
the use of toys and play.  Ann’s intermediate and advanced/ masters’ seminars help
handlers learn where they need to be on course and how to get there and how to
communicate effectively and consistently with their dogs. Ann emphasizes the
importance of teaching skills to the dog in order to enhance handling options. Ann also
offers specialty seminars, like Gamblers and Distance Training, for interested groups.
Ann offers private instruction and teaches classes at several locations in Southern
California. Ann trains with positive, fun methods, building skills incrementally, using
rewards to communicate success to the dog. She can help you with your handling  
from basic skill building to meeting advanced challenges. She can help you and your
dog build distance skills, and help you  achieve picture perfect obstacle performance.
Ann is also a USDAA and AKC agility judge.
Contact Ann at:
Home 619 294-8462, or e-mail <madboston@juno.com>