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Please note all of my online classes are now available as OPEN ENROLLMENT classes,
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HAPPY HURDLE COURSEBOOK 1, has nested courses for all skill levels and is a great
resource for the backyard trainer, club practice, or group class instruction. Easy set up,
requires a maximum of
60 ft x 80 ft and 8 jumps, a tunnel and weaves.

Happy Hurdle Coursebook 2: It's a Small Happy Hurdle World

JUMP SKILLS Like to teach your dog to jump with more power, to extend, collect, and
turn tight over jumps? Have a young dog you'd like to establish a good jumping
foundation on, or an already competing dog who has trouble with bars, reading lines, or
judging take off? This online class will help your dog develop the skills necessary to
move through the course with balance, speed and power.

ADVANCED JUMP SKILLS This is a follow up course to JUMP SKILLS to provide
advanced exercises to build on the jump mechanics that were developed in that class.
Students are also encouraged to submit videos of competition or training runs so that
specific exercises may be recommended or modified to address the specific needs of
their dog.

JUMP FUN-damentals introduces basic handling moves. We will develop the skills for
you to effectively communicate extension, collection and turns to your dog, and for your
dog to respond with speed, skill, confidence and enthusiasm.  

JUMP PRO-ficiency In this class we will analyze the dog's ideal path  and compare the
advantages of possible handling options to achieve the most efficient and fast
performance.   Training tips will be provided to perfect your execution and the
communication to your dog by video review.

WEAVE SKILLS This class is designed to function both as a start to finish weaves
training program, and a problem solving, solution finding program for dogs with
advanced agility skills but have persistent problems in their weave performance. If you
find yourself saying, "He got everything but the weaves," then this class is for you.

FORWARD FOCUS Build drive, motivation, obstacle focus, and develop independent
obstacle performance, and distance in this class. Provides an excellent foundation and
many applications including jumping. contacts, and weaves.

HAPPY HURDLE DONATE Please make a donation to help keep  Happy Hurdle Day Drills
available on my Facebook Page.
Special this week only! Both Happy Hurdle Coursebooks are on sale
for $20 each! Offer expires August 21.
has nested courses for all skill levels and is a great resource for the backyard trainer,
club practice, or group class instruction. Easy set up, requires
a maximum of 50 ft x 50
ft and
only 5 jumps, a tunnel and weaves.