You will be asked to please not share course materials and not allow others
access to your account to view materials. This will aid me in my effort to keep
prices down for my online educational services. If someone you know would
like access to the material but not feedback on their training then please let
them know auditing spots are available for the very low price of $90. Thanks!

Ann Croft Agility Coach
JUMP PRO-ficiency

In this online class we will analyze the dog's path in specific sequences, and
compare the advantages of possible options. We will explore alternative handling
choices to best achieve those paths.  Training tips will be provided to perfect your
execution and the communication to your dog. You'll set the sequence and handle it
a minimum of two ways, videotape and share. I'll provide video feedback using the
tools of slow motion, stop action and on screen drawing to really show you what's
happening and how you can improve your communication with your dog.  

The current class session recently got underway, however I am still accepting
registrations, and you will have  plenty of time to complete the exercises :-).
will be six lessons and I will release a new one every two weeks. You may videotape
your training and share with the group and I will give feedback.   Videos, analyses
and comments will be available for viewing by all class participants and auditors.
Although the regular class time is complete in twelve weeks, I give six full months to
submit video for feedback, and a full year of access to the classroom!
I am accepting registrations now, please click on the PayPal button below to
purchase, or email me at for more details!

Please click on the dog at right ----->
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Please click on the dog at right ----->
to purchase.
Sample sequence showing alternative
dog paths for the wrap 3 to 4. Handling
options will be suggested and
discussed. You will videotape your
runs and I will analyse and provide
feedback to help you improve decision
making and execution.
A 40 x 40 space and five jumps and a
tunnel will be sufficient for the core
*NEW* this session, I will offer you the opportunity to submit three
videos, either of competition runs, or training runs, for video review
in addition to the regular class exercise videos. That's three
personalized  lessons allowing you to get the help you want on the
topics of your choice!