You will be asked to please not share course materials and not allow others
access to your account to view materials. This will aid me in my effort to keep
prices down for my online educational services. If someone you know would
like access to the material but not feedback on their training then please let
them know auditing spots are available for the very low price of $75. Thanks!

Ann Croft Agility Coach

This class is designed to function both as a start to finish weaves training program,
and a problem solving, solution finding program for dogs with advanced agility skills
but have persistent problems in their weave performance. If you find yourself saying,
"He got everything but the weaves," then this class is for you. Many dogs competing
at all levels, even masters, have a basic understanding of how to weave but need
help to improve their weave skills. This class takes a systematic approach to weave
skill development working on motivation, timing and placement of reward and all
aspects of weaving including entries, commitment to all the poles, speed, style, and
exits to achieve a more reliable performance in competition. Dogs new to weaving are
also welcome in class, a start to finish training program will be provided and
supported throughout the duration of the ongoing bi-weekly lessons. We will work
on specific skill sets and ultimately do sequencing drills to prepare you and your dog
for weaves in competition.

For the majority of class exercises you will need a set of 12 weaves that can be
broken down into two sets  or six poles and one jump. For start to finish training or
for the resolution of many training problems you will need access to a set of weaves
suitable for training purposes, like a set of channel weaves, 2 x 2s, or stick in the
ground weaves. Many of the basic core training  exercises will fit into a small 20' x 40'
space. As we progress there will be some drills provided for sequencing practice and
these will require up to four jumps and a tunnel and a 40' x 50' space.
The current class session recently got underway, however I am still accepting
registrations, and you will have  plenty of time to complete the exercises :-).
will be six lessons and I will release a new one every two weeks. You may videotape
your training and share with the group and I will give feedback.   Videos, analyses
and comments will be available for viewing by all class participants and auditors.
Although the regular class time is complete in twelve weeks, I give six full months to
submit video for feedback, and a full year of access to the classroom! Working spots
$150, auditors $75.  Working spots will be limited to twelve participants.
I am
accepting registrations now, please click on the PayPal button below to purchase, or
email me at for more details!
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