To see Trigger and Ann recently competing on
international style courses check out these videos
taken at the World Team Tryouts
  5/5/07 and 5/6/07
Round 1  Round 2  Round 3  Round 4 Round 5
Many thanks to Mel King for filming!!!!
The pictures on this page are freeze frames from these videos.
You will need Windows Media Player to view the videos. Click here to download the player for
various versions of Windows or for MAC operating systems.           
There is no corporate financial support for the US team to the
following friends for their generous support:
Linda Gunderson, Thunder Ranch Rottweilers
Gayle Kildebeck
of  North Park Acupuncture
Debbie Madden
Leslie Mahr
Janet Wilson
Vappu Alalato

           RAFFLE PRIZES!!!!!!!
Many thanks to the following generous supporters who have
donated the following prizes to help raise money for the trip. The
raffle will be held July 14 at Skyedance Ranch in conjunction with
the Susan Salo Seminar. Prizes may be picked up there or I can
deliver to an upcoming trial. Gift certificates and DVDs can be

Marla Friedler of Dog Sports Video
4 on the Floor  by Ann Croft ($50 value)
Hands On Canine Therapeutic Massage by Dr. Cindy DiFranco
Consistent Contacts by Amanda Nelson ($35)
Control at a Distance by Amanda Nelson ($35)
Flying Dogs ($25)
Bob Bailey ($100)
World Class Weaves by Joe Canova ($50)
Running Contacts by Ali Roukas-Canova($50)
Tien Tran One 8 x 10 Print
Eric Larsen of Dog Agility Video Service
Trigger and Ann are heading to the European Open
Agility Championships in Italy in July as part of the
European Open U.S. Agility Team 2007!
Cheryl Ricketts-Mulvay  One Chiropractic Appointment
Anonymous Two tickets to the San Diego Zoo
Leslie Mahr  Christmas in July and Rub a Dub Dub Baskets of
Assorted Doggie items, plus more items including collars, leashes,
toys, and picture frames. $25 Starbucks Gift Card
Chris Libs One free month of agility field use (single user).
Danielle Robbins One Massage therapy appointment.
Shelley Bakalis Dog Kennel
Faith McCune Red Aloha Leash
Donna and Jeff King of Husky Homestead Husky Homestead wear
Cindy Dahlberg of Jumpin' K9s Jumpin' K9 wear
Lynn Spears Assorted Toys
Check back for updates!
Four runs taped at a trial.