Welcome Flurry!!
Meet Bluefire's Perfect Storm, "Flurry."  Flurry is a baby blue merle border
collie born March 13, 2005. She is sweet and fun, but don't let that darling
face fool you, she is fiesty!  I am sure she will add her share of joy to my life
and will be great fun to train and a wonderful future agility partner. Flurry
came to me from Gayle and John York of West Palm Beach Florida. Thanks
Gayle and John for this wonderful puppy!!  
Flurry at five weeks.
Photo by Kate Zimmer.
Flurry's first day in San Diego.
Photo by Kate Zimmer.
Standing pretty.
Photo by Kate Zimmer.
Watch Flurry grow and learn and explore:
Flurry at nine weeks.
Flurry at ten weeks.
Flurry at eleven weeks
Flurry in Action!
Flurry 4 to 5 months
My Beautiful Flurry Girl at Six Months
Flurry Tries Herding!
Double kisses!
Photo by Gayle York.
Flurry 3 to 4 months