Flurry Three to Four Months
Flurry was stepped on at three months and unfortunately
suffered a broken toe. She had to wear a splint for four weeks.
Photo by Kate Zimmer.
Flurry roughhouses with big sister, Trigger and
then takes a break with her toys.
Photo by Kate Zimmer.
It was not easy to get a good picture, in this shot  you can see the lack of muscle
in her left leg and the flat toes.
Link to Flurry 4 to 5 months
Flurry was a good sport about the splint and maintained her happy
Flurry and the gang sack out in a hotel.
When the splint came off Flurry's toe was healed, but her carpus had fallen
completely and her toes were completely splayed and very flat with no grip, her leg
toed outward and had very little muscle.  She had to remain on leash for a month
and underwent physical therapy for over two months.
Photo by Kate Zimmer.
Photo by Ann Croft.
Photo by Ann Croft.