Flurry Four to Five Months
Flurry's main exercise in this period was swimming and leash walking. Her
physical therapy included an underwater treadmill, balance ball work, and
wobble cushion.
Above photos by Lisa Carol Ross.
the one ear up look here,
These photos by Kate Zimmer.
Photo by Janet Wilson.
Link to My Beautiful Flurry Girl
at Six Months
Flurry experimented with some different "ear styles"
during this period, including the glider plane look above,
We traveled north to Vancouver for the Grand Prix Regional and Flurry got to know
big brother Jace owned by Lisa Ross. They enjoyed each other very much and
found they had much in common including a love for the bitey face game and tug
of war.
and the both ears prick look here.
But she seems to have settled on the both
ears down look, but one or both of her ears
do still sometimes reach for the sky when
she is excited.
During this period she became a very skillful
swimmer and diver!
Her physical therapy included ball work to strengthen her
carpus and toes.
Photo by Jean Spengel.